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Without any doubts, Jason Statham Is The One For The Title Of Sexiest Bald Men, Not Prince William.

Although Prince William has been awarded with the title of “World’s Sexiest Bald Man” but the Internet seems to be overflowing with the reactions that say Jason Statham is the one who deserves this title. The action star has looked hot in each of the roles and in every appearance he made.

We can’t claim that being bald or becoming bald due to aging is something you should be worrying about. As some of the sexiest men alive are bald and we don’t seem to care about it and it looks so good.

The competition for “World’s Sexiest Bald Man” in which a lot of celebrities, leaders, and many famous people were included regarded Prince William as the Sexiest Bald Man in the world.

But the Internet and fans don’t seem to digest it and different petitions are signed and people are crying on social media to take their decision back as there are people like The Rock and Jason Statham who could have won the category. 

The study for determining this was conducted by the cosmetic surgery specialists Longevita, which used Google search results to determine how many times eligible celebrities had been called “sexy” in various blogs and articles posted throughout the internet.

Employing this method, Prince William won by a landslide, as he had been reportedly referred to as “sexy” 17.6 million times. The runner-up is boxing legend Mike Tyson at 8.8 million, with Jason Statham being the third.

However, when we look at the ‘fast and furious’ star, we can’t claim that any bald man could look better than him. Not only the physique and appearance Statham is seriously someone superior with a lot of qualities. The action star has rocked almost every movie he was cast in and made fans go crazy. 

Jason Statham couldn’t be categorized as the third one in this list and fans claim that it’s not even possible as he is the most handsome one in all. Recently, an announcement for the release of his new movie has come and we know the overwhelming crowd we all witness in theatres.

And this is not the idea of a few people, we can see tons of people reacting to this. A lot of people on social media are also petitioning for Jason’s chance at the title.

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