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We see Pakistan as an important partner in future, Lloyd Austin

Lloyd Austin Lloyd Austin

Secretary of Defense Gen (r) Lloyd Austin has called Pakistan an indispensable part of the Afghan process and said the role of destabilizing the region would be curbed.

Talking to the US media on future defense policy, he said that if he was confirmed as the Secretary of Defense, he would do his best to get Pakistan’s support. Referring to India’s role in the region, he said steps would also be taken to curb those trying to destabilize the Afghan process . “We see Pakistan as an important partner,” he said. The Biden administration will also work to thwart elements trying to disrupt the Afghan peace process. He acknowledged that Pakistan is an essential partner for any peace process in Afghanistan.

General Austin said that Pakistan’s role would be crucial in Afghanistan future political arrangement . I think Pakistan has played a constructive role in the Afghan peace process at the request of the United States. Pakistan has also taken steps against organizations such as Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Muhammad, although more progress is needed.

The nominee for Secretary of Defense and former commander of the US Central Command, General Lloyd Austin, has also hinted at an increase in defense ties between the two countries. He said steps would be taken to enhance bilateral co-operation, including training programs for senior Pakistani military officers under the International Military Education Fund (IMET).

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