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Unless the rupee is strong, the economy is not strong, Prime Minister

ISLAMABAD ( REPORTBEAT ) Addressing a function held in the capital on the occasion of Roshan Digital Account, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that our biggest asset is Overseas Pakistanis. However, the devaluation of the currency increases inflation, unless the rupee is strong, the economy is not strong, the people went through difficult times, the salaried class faced difficulties.

The Prime Minister said that during the Corona era, our exports increased to a record level. Despite the debt, our economic indicators are positive. The dollar has repaid the debt, the country’s economy is moving in the right direction, Imran Khan said the present government has made record repayments of twenty billion dollars in foreign loans over the last two and a half years.

Earlier, SBP Governor Raza Baqir had said that overseas Pakistanis from 97 countries had opened Roshan digital accounts. The steps taken by the SBP had not been taken before. Overseas Pakistanis are providing facilities for investment, the number of bright digital accounts is increasing day by day.

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