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UN report reveals major revelations, TTP is supported by India.

Pakistan’s counter-terrorism efforts have been recognized internationally. The 27th report of the UN monitoring team also revealed major revelations. According to which TTP, JUA are a threat to Pakistan.

The latest UN Security Council report reveals important revelations and acknowledges Pakistan’s actions against terrorists despite India’s allegations. The report said that Pakistan is committed to taking action against terrorist organizations and groups. Pakistan sent a dossier to the United Nations on Indian funding to the TTP and JUA.

The report said that five groups announced an alliance with the TTP, which increased the TTP’s strength and intensified attacks. TTP integration has increased the threat of terrorism for Pakistan and the region, Pakistan has consistently highlighted the threat of terrorism posed by the TTP, while the United States Recognizes terrorists as threat to Pakistan The UN monitoring report pointed to the arrest of terrorist financiers in Pakistan and the freezing of assets of institutions.

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