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This 27-year-old decided to stop hiding the birthmark on her face despite harsh comments.

People who are born different or look different than normal usually have to face harsh comments from others while growing up. Life for Amy Elsegood, a dental nurse and a model from North Yorkshire, was no different either.

She was born with a port-wine birthmark on her face for which she was given Special make-up by the NHS. The doctors advised her to cover the mark as she approached her teens. Since then, she has perfected her look.

However, last year, after she got her laser treatment for the removal of the mark, she was left with no choice but to go to work make-up-free after laser treatment on her birthmark. To her surprise, her co-workers also turned up bare-faced to show their support.

“I felt like I was the only person in the world that looked like this. I would never leave the house without makeup. I wouldn’t want anyone to see me without makeup. If I did, I would get comments that are like, Oh, my God, what have you done? Have you been in a fight?”

She further said,

“I posted a no makeup selfie that actually then went viral and it’s enabled me really to be where I am today, not be afraid to be who I am. Part of my birthmark that I think I used to dislike was just the fact that I looked so different to everybody else. People would mistake it for something, but bad had happened to me, and I used to get stared at quite a lot.”

She was surprised at how the world was changing though. After posting her no-makeup selfie. She got many support messages from people all around the world. She says that it was the best sort of motivation for her. She feels much more empowered now, thanks to the support she is getting.

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