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There is no eyewitness in the Noor Muqaddam murder case, police officials

Islamabad police officials on Thursday revealed that the there is no eyewitness in the Noor Muqaddam murder case.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad on Thursday, SSP Investigation Atta-ur-Rehman, who is in charge of investigating the case, said that the accused has been arrested while the accused arrested from the crime scene is also being interrogated.

He said that all the forensic evidence of the incident have been collected, adding that the victim was killed ruthlessly.

Ata-ur-Rehman went on to say that after being informed, police took action and arrested the accused, adding that the accused is being interrogated, while the statements of his two security guards have been recorded.

The SSP investigation further said that misinformation is being spread regarding the case adding our entire focus is on the incident.

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