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The Supreme Court (SC) postpones the Daska NA-75 re-polling.

ISLAMABAD( REPORTBEAT ):The Supreme Court (SC) on Thursday stayed the Daska NA-75 re-polling that was scheduled to take place on April 10.

Apex bench member Justice Umar Ata Bandial told Counsel Salman Akram, lawyer of PML-N candidate Noshin Iftikhar Raja that he had raised important points during the proceedings.

“Satisfy the court on questions raised by it,” the justice said.” The bench is not available for a few days due to personal reasons.”

Apart from the Election Commission, other parties also have to be heard now, the SC said.

The Supreme Court adjourned the hearing of the case indefinitely.

During the proceedings, Raja presented a complete map of Daska district before the court.

There are 76 polling stations in Daska city, Raja said adding that complaints came from 34 out of 76 polling stations.

“ECP identified 34 polling stations, 20 presiding officers also missing,” he further prayed.

Justice Bandial remarked it was also informed that polling at 10 polling stations was suspended for a long time.

“Who and what kept creating these problems on the polling day?” the justice asked.

The counsel prayed that his client’s father had been elected five times from Daska and her family has more influence in the constituency. a

“Nosheen Iftikhar had 46,000 votes from Daska city while PTI candidate had 11,000 votes,” he said.

Counsel Raja prayed that a petition was also filed in the ECP against the election results adding that turnout is traditionally higher in Daska than in other areas.

“You have to prove why re-election is necessary for the entire constituency on the complaint of 23 polling stations, Justice Bandial said.

The PML-N’s counsel further prayed that complaints were received from half of the polling stations in the constituency to which Justice Muneeb Akhtar said that voters of 76 polling stations are not half.

“I am sorry, voters of 76 polling stations make up one third,” the counsel replied. “Presiding officers went out with the police as usual. They came back together and were scared.”

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