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The Prime Minister Imran khan says if opposition praises me, I will consider it an insult.

Prime Minister Imran Khan says that we know which political leader is investing money,The government will bring constitutional amendments for open voting in Senate elections and those who oppose anti-corruption amendments will be exposed to the nation.

Imran Khan said that he considers criticism from the opposition an honor. “If the opposition praises me, I would consider it an insult”, he added.

He said the government and the opposition are supposed to run the parliament together but from day one, they have been using it to get an NRO instead of discussing issues of public interest.

The Prime Minister further said that government lands cannot be occupied without political backing, Khokhar brothers grabbed billions worth of government land and Maryam Nawaz expressed solidarity with them. Maryam, who calls herself a future leader, supported the land mafia who occupied government lands in their tenures. When the Prime Minister himself backs the land grabbers, who will stop the rest, he asked.

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