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The Prime Minister decided to withdraw Senate tickets from some candidates

A major decision was taken after differences arose in the ruling party across the country over Senate election tickets. Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to withdraw Senate tickets from some nominees.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has consulted senior party leaders following objections from provincial organizations to the distribution of Senate tickets. The Parliamentary Board made suggestions for changes in the Senate tickets.

Angry PTI Sindh officials have expressed concerns over the distribution of tickets. they said that the general seat of the Senate should be given to a person belonging to Sindh. Faisal Wawda should not be a Senate candidate either. Saifullah Abro has been working for the PPP. It’s not fair to give him ticket, If they are given tickets then we will be separated from the local body elections.

In Balochistan also, after the PTI gave a ticket to a person named Abdul Qadir, the provincial leadership of PTI held a press conference at the Quetta Press Club against the decision. Following the protests of party leaders, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the withdrawal of Abdul Qadir’s name.

Meanwhile, members of the National Assembly from Peshawar in a meeting with the Prime Minister also expressed displeasure over the distribution of Senate tickets and said that no consultation was held in the distribution of tickets.

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