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The cat came out of the bag, Priyanka Chopra’s green ball dress inspires memes.

You couldn’t have scrolled through your social media feed without spotting Priyanka Chopra in a green, polka-dotted ball dress. But we’re not talking about the outfit here, we’re talking about the memes it generated on social media. Indian actress Priyanka Chopra, who is known for wearing strange clothes, once again inspires memers.

Priyanka Chopra s wore an orb dress by Halpern Studio recently, which started a meme fest on the Internet. Priyanka joined in and had a good laugh, each meme at a time. She also shared some of her favorite ones on Twitter, adding a reaction for each of them on her Instagram stories. In the memes, Priyanka, wearing the quirky orb dress, was compared to things ranging from fire crackers and types of puffer fish to Pokémon and hot air balloons. Virat Kohli was also dragged into one of the memes while one user summed up Priyanka’s outfit in these words: “When mom says: ‘Boriya bistar samet aur nikal ja yahaan se’.”

“This is too much,” Priyanka wrote in one of her Instagram stories while sharing more memes, she added: “They just keep getting better.” She wrapped the meme fest on Instagram with these words: “Thanks for making my day guys.”

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