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Taliban best bet to get rid of ISIS: PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said that stable Afghanistan government can take on ISIS and Taliban is the best bet to get rid of it.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, during an interview with a foreign media, said that isolating and sanctioning Taliban will create huge humanitarian crisis so the United States has to pull it together and take the lead otherwise Pakistan is worried that chaos in Afghanistan will affect us most.

Answering a question regarding Pakistan-China ties, the premier aid that relationship between both countries is 70 years old and it has stood the test of time.

Talking about situation of IIOJK, PM Imran said that India enjoys the same kind of impunity within the international community over its attempts to change the demographic balance of Kashmir that Israel has in the occupied Palestinian territories.

He said that India had not been challenged more forcefully on the international stage because its western allies saw it as a bulwark against China.

PM said India had also drawn on Israel’s illegal and brutal occupation of the Palestinian territories and the impunity the country has enjoyed as a consequence of its alliance with the US, in its own quashing of opposition and criticism of its actions in Kashmir.

“[Israel has] built such a strong security apparatus and [they] just crush anything. They send people who kill and assassinate and they have total immunity,” he said.

“Whatever the UN general assembly says, they have complete confidence in the veto the US has in the Security Council. So they get away with anything. And I feel that India feels [it has immunity] because they are being used… as a bulwark against China.”

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