Snoop Dogg lived with a cockroach half a year

Snoop Dogg, known for his love of animals, recently shared an unexpected tale during a Nardwuar interview. The rapper revealed that he once formed a bond with a cockroach that took up residence in his apartment, affectionately naming it Gooch.

According to Snoop, his attempts to eradicate the resilient roach were in vain. Impressed by the insect’s survival skills, he decided to embrace its presence and gave it the endearing moniker “The Gooch.” Surprisingly, Gooch became a long-term resident of Snoop’s apartment, serving as his roach roommate for approximately six months.

Amusingly, the rapper reminisced about Gooch’s growth during their cohabitation. “He just kept getting bigger and bigger,” Snoop recalled, noting that the roach eventually reached the size of a whole dollar bill. Snoop’s dedication to caring for his unusual pet extended to leaving food out for Gooch.

Snoop Dogg has demonstrated his fondness for animals throughout the years. He has publicly supported plant-based meat company Beyond Meat, offered to adopt a dog named after him, and gained fame for his narration of a thrilling iguana versus snakes battle on “Plizzanet Earth” for Jimmy Kimmel Live. Additionally, he has created Snoop Doggie Doggs, a line of dog toys and merchandise.

Fans may now eagerly anticipate the potential release of a roach-inspired collection from the rapper.