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Sheikh Rashid says opposition has been wasting nation’s time for four months.

If Maryam Nawaz gets permission to go out, PDM will end, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed says opposition has been wasting nation’s time for four months.

Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has warned the opposition that if the PDM protests, they will not create any obstacle, but if the law is taken in hand, then they will responsible to face what i will do so that history will remember.

Addressing the Solidarity Kashmir Rally in Rawalpindi, the Home Minister said that we are always ready for the independence of Kashmir, Imran Khan’s entire struggle is to get the country out of problems. Sheikh Rashid, while targeting the opposition, said i already told that opposition would contest the Senate elections and would not resign. The members of the Assembly who were cursed by Fazlur Rehman will be asked to cast their votes in the Senate elections.

The Home Minister said that PDM came for the long march with enthusiasm we welcome them but the children of madrassas will not be allowed to be used in politics.

He further said that Fazlur Rehman should be sensible, he should be surrounded by children, if Maryam is allowed to go out of te country today, then PDM will end, the opposition has been wasting the time of the nation for 4 months, they have to negotiate in the end.

The Home Minister said that he says PDM will contest the elections together, all his life PML-N has voted against PPP, PPP and Fazlur Rehman have brought their way from the dead end to the open street.

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