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Shehbaz Sharif name has been included in Exit Control List (ECL), Sh Rashid

Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid on Monday has said that the name of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president and opposition leader in National Assembly (NA) Shehbaz Sharif has been included in Exit Control List (ECL).

Holding a press conference, the minister said that a notification to this effect has been issued and the relevant departments have been informed about it accordingly. 

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had recommended to put Shehbaz Sharif’s name on the ECL as it was investigating a corruption case of seven billion rupees against him, he pointed.

Sheikh Rashid said that the cases against Shehbaz Sharif will get affected if he leaves the country. Five members of Sharif family are already absconders and residing in London.

It would have been difficult to bring Shehbaz Sharif back home like his elder brother if he was also allowed to travel abroad, he told.

He said there was also a possibility that he could temper the evidence or use the influence on the approvers in the case if he was permitted to leave the country.

Sheikh Rashid said Shehbaz Sharif was the guarantor to bring Nawaz Sharif back home and that instead of bringing his brother back, he himself was trying to flee the country. The PML-N president has not submitted any of his medical reports yet, he added.

The interior minister further said that four accused in cases against Shehbaz Sharif have turned into approvers. The opposition leader can file petition within 15 days in this regard, he went on to say. 

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