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Secretary Election Commission seeks 18 billion rupees, for holding local body elections

The Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan has demanded Rs. 18 billion for the local body elections and said that the local body elections are much bigger than the National and Provincial Assembly elections.

Briefing the meeting on local body elections, the Secretary Election Commission said that the number of local body constituencies in Punjab is 25,000 and in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is 4,000. For local body elections, 200 million ballot papers will have to be printed in Punjab and 100 million in KP. The number of ballot papers for local body elections will be four times more than the general elections.

The Secretary Election Commission said in the meeting that the results of the census have not been announced yet, to which Murtaza Wahab said that local body elections could not be held on the basis of the 1998 census.

In the meeting, the Chief Secretary Balochistan said that the delimitation could not be done on the basis of the results of the interim census. He wanted to bring important amendments in the local body law in Balochistan.

The Secretary Election Commission said that the demarcation case in Balochistan is pending in the High Court, the next hearing is on April 5. On this occasion, the Joint Secretary Home said that the demarcation cannot be done on the basis of the interim census results.

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