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Scientifically Proved: people who swear a lot can be good and honest friends.

A study proves that people who swear a lot can be good and honest friends. And now you got to choose your friends wisely because transparency is all we require in this age and not some snakes.

When we hear people cursing and swearing that doesn’t make us feel good nor a good image is built in our minds of them. Children are always instructed to never use these kinds of words and adults are very cautious while speaking in front of them.

So previously, dirty mouths or languages have always been positioned as brazen or ill-considered. But this research suggests something quite surprising. It instead suggests that people who tend to swear or curse a lot are likely your most forthcoming best friends, and are looking to keep you entertained.

Moreover, another study proved that these people are brutally honest, calm, and open too. So, If you’re someone who looks for transparency and openness in your relationships, you’re going to want someone who swears like a sailor. 

According to the report, “profanity can be positively associated with honesty. It is often used to express one’s unfiltered feelings (e.g., anger, frustration) and sincerity.” Psychologist Timothy Jay from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts authored this study on using curse words, “Why We Curse: A Neuro-Psycho-Social Theory of Speech.”

She said, “Curse words have been only of brief passing interest to psychologist[s] and linguists,” he wrote. “The absence of research on emotional speech has produced theories of language that are polite but inaccurate. Curse words are words we are not supposed to say; hence, curse words themselves are powerful.”

The study seems accurate when we put it in real life especially when we are with friends. Sometimes swearing feels so good although it doesn’t do anything it feels good. And now when the study has proved it we got to choose our friends likewise. 

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