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Science Says: Women Sleep better beside Dogs As Compared To Men.


Sharing a bed with someone can be a real pain sometimes when you are a really lifht sleeper. But at some point you have to share it and guess what there is a good solution to get your this problem solved.

A recent study revealed that sharing your bed with a furry friend is better than sharing it with men. As this study was carried out with women. Another thing came up that even cats can be disturbing in bed for women and dogs are the best ones to share a bed with.

So If you’re on the search for an excuse to adopt a furry friend, look no further. Dogs have always been known as a “man’s best friend”, but it turns out they can also be a woman’s best sleeping partner as illustrated by a study.

So you must be wondering why is it si and here we go to understand why women get a better night’s sleep if they snuggle up with a pup. 962 women in the United States were questioned for the study, out of which roughly half slept with at least one dog, 1/3 slept with a cat and over half of them slept with a human partner.

Compared to women sleeping with a cat or a human, those sleeping near a dog reported higher levels of comfort, peaceful sleep and security. This is most likely because dogs are known for their ability to protect their owners and deter any intruders. 

Unlike cats who are nocturnals and can turn to be very disruptive and disturb your sleep. It’s much more common for feline creatures to be running around the house at odd hours of the night, hunting. Your dog will more often than not just want to cuddle up with you and get some shut-eye.

While humans can be disruptive too even if its your loved one as your partner may snore loudly in deep sleep and gets your sleep ruined or anything like that.

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