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BY : Syeda Hadiqa Arshad

In a common Islamic culture a lady has been given rights equivalent to men. In all strolls life ladies can work side by side with men yet since we’ve made Islam an embellishment piece thusly in our general public they are treated as substandard creatures. We may yell about established fairness among people however we will need to go far before ladies will locate an equivalent, protected and good status in our general public. The advantaged being called people is consistently there to reign over ladies. A couple of bold spirits, almost certainly, do occasionally rise up to battle against this bad form, yet this detach exertion is too weak to even consider breaking the fortification of male authority. Western ladies are no exemption. The West has put numerous duties on the shoulders of their ladies, which their body can’t uphold. 

Perhaps the most revolting parts of our general public is the endowment framework. It is a mind boggling wonder and there are a few measurements to it. It lessens a young lady into a saleable item and brings down her nobility. On the off chance that she brings lacking endowment, it opens her to the danger of abuse after marriage. We feel irate at the mercilessness of an unskilled youth who beats his better half and requests from her parent’s blessings, which they can’t bear. Be that as it may, what would it be a good idea for us to state about the covetousness of a specialist, a designer or a government worker who, even subsequent to offering himself to the most noteworthy bidder in the marital market, abuses his better half? A large number of young ladies immolate themselves at the raised area of this malicious consistently, some of them before marriage since they can’t bear the cost of settlement and some after marriage in light of the fact that the share is lacking to extinguish the avarice of the parents in law. With respect to our enactment, for all the counter share measures in its ordnance, the public authority has not had the option to contain the hazard. 

No less an evil is the actual shock on ladies. We persevere in our pathetic conviction that ladies are powerless, defenseless animals who need steady watching by their dads, siblings, spouses and children at various phases of their life. It peruses today like a fantasy that in the rule of a specific lord, a lady loaded down with decorations could move uninhibitedly with no dread. How frequently does one know about women living in occupied areas killed even without trying to hide, all since they had some yellow metal with them? The race of chain snatchers is expanding. At sanctuaries, at fairs and celebrations, in packed public spots, and in the transports, these lynx peered toward savages proliferate and carry on their plunder even where cops are working. 

Eagerness isn’t the solitary thought process power behind the violations against ladies. From the beginning bus station to the spot of their work, they are presented to according to guys, everything being equal, and classes. In the event that the path lies through an abandoned spot, there is consistently the risk of confronting an expected molester. The excursion from home to the workplace is downright a bad dream. 

Savagery against ladies in Pakistan is getting more successive and is alarmingly on the expansion. A substantial duty falls on the shoulders of our shoulders of our social laborers. The government officials can at any rate fix the reins of our entertainment world that exchanges viciousness and female attack. Public showcase of enormous hoardings just serves to energize the youthful personalities. Yet, the greatest duty will be that of the actual ladies. It has been seen that when a lady is being tormented by a man, the reason is a lady as well. They should embrace resilience and forsake propensities for envy against each other.


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