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Saudi Arabia decides to reopen all Airports in Country from March 31st

Saudi Arabia decides to reopen all airports Saudi Arabia decides to reopen all airports

Saudi Arabia on Wednesday decided to reopen all airports in country from March 31  brightening prospects of a normal Hajj in 2021.

The Saudi Aviation Authority has issued a notification saying that all countries except where coronavirus still prevails will be allowed to operate flights.

Saudi flights say the implementation of Coronavirus SOP will be ascertained for the welfare of traveling passengers.

Previously, in November, around 10,000 international pilgrims had arrived in Saudi Arabia to carry out umrah which was stopped due to the increasing number of Coronavirus cases in the kingdom and throughout the world.

According to Deputy Minister of Hajj and Umrah Dr Amr al-Maddah, 10,000 pilgrims who arrived from abroad were first obtained permission, Umrah is an Islamic pilgrimage for Mecca and Medina to be carried out at any time of the year, withdrawing 19 million people last year. Saudi Arabia has instituted freezing in umrah in March.

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