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Saudi Arabia bans Itikaf and Iftar parties during Ramadan

Due to the Corona epidemic, I’tikaf was banned in mosques in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan. Collective iftar parties will also be banned.

Hotels will be closed and markets will remain open, and workers in restaurants, cafes, barber shops and beauty parlors will be required to be vaccinated. 

Six Saudi Arabian ministries, including the Interior, rural affairs, municipal, Islamic affairs, media, and tourism ministries, have approved the Eid and Ramadan coronavirus plan, confirmed by the Saudi media outlet OKAZ.

As per the Coronavirus plan, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Ministry of Tourism will stop all iftar and suhoor buffets in restaurants and hotels. Cameras will be set up in public places to monitor citizens closely and stopping them from violating the coronavirus plans. The limit of public gathering has also been put, whereas small parks will be closed until further notice.

Meanwhile, the malls and shopping centers will work 24/7 during the month of Ramadan after fulfilling the checklist of Coronavirus preventative measures.

Restaurants have also been allowed to offer the delivery and take away.

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