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Saudi Arabia always supported Pakistan in the most difficult times, PM IMRAN KHAN

 Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday while lauding the leadership of Saudi Arabia that always supported Pakistan in the most difficult times said that Saudi Arabia is a long standing friend of Pakistan.

Addressing a gathering of Pakistani community in a ceremony held here in connection with Roshan Digital Account, he said that his recent visit has strengthened the relations between brotherly countries.

The prime minister said that Pakistan would have been in crisis if friendly countries had not helped. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates helped Pakistan in difficult times.

Imran Khan said that the struggle continued for that Naya Pakistan which had been envisioned by its founder Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and which must have been realized many years back. Due to his government’s efforts for Naya Pakistan, the country was rightly back on track and on path to its real destiny.

He said that the country was passing through a decisive moment and the struggle against corrupt mafia and status quo would succeed soon, leading to Naya Pakistan, adding that his government’s struggle was driven mainly for establishment of rule of law in the country.

“It is a decisive moment, the old status quo and a mafia were resisting and trying to save themselves. But public supported my party and the government in the struggle for rule of law,” he added.

The prime minister further said that difference in societies was based upon–the one which had rule of law and the other governed by ‘might is right.’

The system based upon humanity survived and ensured prosperity whereas the rule of jungle led to nowhere, he said. “Those countries prospered where there is rule of law and justice,” he stressed.

The PM said the corrupt elements had been united in their efforts to save their skins. “No one can stop this change, due to mass awareness. Social media has brought a change as information travelled very fast. The youth and social media have been the main ingredients of our party’s success,” he opined.

Appreciating the role of about 9 million overseas Pakistanis in the prosperity of the country, he said, they possessed huge potential and had been the biggest assetHe said their potential was not fully tapped and no efforts were made in the past to pursue them to invest in the country.

Imran Khan said the country’s economy was being stabilized as they had passed through the most difficult times with consistent strengthening of its reserves.

He mentioned that government was making efforts to further offer the overseas Pakistanis different products like Roshan digital account because the world was changing at fast pace with the use of latest technology.

About his visit, the prime minister lauded leadership of Saudi Arabia that always supported Pakistan in the most difficult times.

They supported Pakistan and provided oil on deferred payment, similarly, the United Arab Emirates also supported the country, otherwise, Pakistan would have defaulted, entailing severe consequences, he observed.

After Covid pandemic, the prime minister said, the fragile economies were devasted worldwide, adding in the neighbouring country, India, daily caseloads were increasing at alarming level.

Pakistan was among the few countries, which had navigated in the Covid scenario with much difficulty, he said, adding, Pakistan’s exports were on the rise and the economy had recovered.

The prime minister said the economic indicators of the country were showing improvement. Construction industry was providing jobs and the low-cost housing imitative would provide housing facilities to low-income groups.

Prior to it, there was no concept of such housing facility in Pakistan, the government was slowly and gradually unfolding such facilities.

Earlier, Governor State Bank of Pakistan, Reza Baqir informed that so far, more than 100,000 accounts had been opened under Roshan digital initiative. He said that country’s current account was now in surplus and the its reserves had surged to over 16 billion dollars.

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