Report Beat and all those associated with it will abide by the rules laid down by the 4th State Pillar of Journalism of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The pillars of which are as follows:

It is the sole responsibility of all those associated with Report Beat to uphold the highest professional standards at all times. The determination of human and moral values ​​will be ensured, under which one’s individual rights and the right of the people to know will be protected. This is the basis on which a system of self-monitoring comes into being and the (journalistic) industry is committed to it. Not only the words of the Code of Conduct but also its whole spirit must be respected.

Freedom of expression will be ensured, but at the same time unnecessarily crude words will be removed from the writings and the news posts that can potentially prove hurtful for individuals of the society will be disregarded.

Report Beat will also be obliged not to publish inaccurate, misleading, and distorted information and images. If an erroneous, misleading statement or distortion of facts is found, it must be corrected immediately, and an apology may be issued if necessary. Neutrality and neutrality will be ensured under the rules.

Interference with anyone’s private life will not be acceptable, all records of all employees attached to the report must be clear and transparent.

Journalists affiliated with Report Beat must disclose their identities and seek permission to pave the way at any public or private place and to contact the relevant committee or management of the organization for necessary participation.

Members of the Report Beat must also not discriminate against any man or woman based on their religion, race, caste, mental or physical illness.

It will be the constitutional and moral responsibility of journalists affiliated with Report beat to ensure the protection of their trusted and confidential sources.

A journalist found involved in yellow journalism will face institutional policy and regulatory action.

The Report Beat will continue to play its role in identifying all the wrongdoings that appear in the society and taking action against them in addition to criticizing for reform and building a truly sustainable society. Every effort will be made to ensure compliance with all accepted rules and regulations for authentic, impartial, and certified journalism in Pakistan.

Also, national security will be considered as a part of our faith and we will use our best efforts in the development and construction of Pakistan.