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PM Imran Khan wrote a letter to Bill Gates, inviting him to work together against climate change.

Prime Minister Imran Khan wrote a letter to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates earlier this week, inviting him to work together against the dangers of climate change.

In his letter, dated April 6, the premier praised the American business mogul’s book, ‘Avoiding a Climate Disaster’, for providing policy-oriented analyses on the critical issue of climate change challenges confronting the global community.

He also informed Bill Gates about the climate challenges being faced by Pakistan, saying the country was on the front lines of the climate challenge, and was amongst the top countries “continuously impacted” by climate change over the past two decades.

The premier however pointed out that Pakistan, at the same time, was a very low contributor to the issue, adding less than one percent of the global greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, the prime minister said that being a developing country, Pakistan was seeking to achieve climate sensitive economic growth that can only be possible through international cooperation and partnership.

PM Imran further briefed the US billionaire about the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)-led government’s pledge to offer climate solutions to the world, focusing on “nature-based solutions” towards a climate compatible trajectory of growth.

The incumbent premier also wrote about how the growing climate impacts were forcing the world to adapt and invest towards establishing early warning systems, fast deployment of climate smart agriculture as well as enhancing of the depleting and increasingly unpredictable freshwater resources.

He urged the Microsoft co-founder to lend his assistance and resources to help Pakistan in matters related to the global climate change.

“Given your high interest in Climate Change, results-oriented dialogue and collaboration between our team of experts can mutually assist to advance our shared vision. This could include developing partnership towards access and deployment of the best available technologies for clean energy and electric vehicles as well as cooperating towards climate resilient agriculture,” PM Imran wrote.

The premier concluded his letter by reaffirming Bill Gates’ idea that the challenge of climate change is one that requires wide-scaled collaboration, trusted cooperation and a shared green vision for development across countries.

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