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Pakistan, Turkey decided to move UN against the Zionist atrocities on the Palestinian people.

Pakistan and Turkey have decided to move United Nations against the Zionist atrocities on the Palestinian people. Pak-Turkish Foreign Ministers will raise their voice for Palestine in the United Nations, said FM Qureshi.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said that he will leave today (Monday) to attend the UN s meeting.

Talking about the situation in Gaza during the National Assembly session, he said that our first responsibility is to establish a ceasefire in Palestine. The trend on Pakistan s historic position in the Security Council and the OIC was visible.

The Foreign Minister said that Pakistan has condemned the aggression against Palestinian people. Two important meetings on Palestine issue were held yesterday, May 16. One was a meeting of the OIC Executive Committee on Foreign Affairs and the other was a meeting of the UN Security Council. The Security Council meeting was chaired by the Chinese Foreign Minister.

Shah Mahmood said that I pay homage to the leadership of China. China tried to unite the Security Council. All members of the Security Council were convinced, but unfortunately the United States vetoed it.

He promised the House that the government would never let the issue of Palestine and Kashmir to come under fire. Admittedly, the path is difficult, the world has a double standard, but the truth carries great weight, he added.

Ealier, in his statement on the Palestine situation, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had expressed disappointment at a joint declaration not being issued after Monday’s meeting of the UN Security Council. The joint declaration could not be issued due to veto by the United States.

Qureshi said that at the Foreign Ministers’ meeting of the OIC Executive Committee yesterday, he strongly and unequivocally condemned the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians.

“In this regard, I contacted the Foreign Ministers of various countries, including the United States, China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Palestine, and presented Pakistan’s position”, he said.

The foreign minister said that people have taken to the streets in the western capitals to protest the serious human rights violations in Palestine. Demonstrations in support of the Palestinians are also taking place in European countries and an EU meeting has been convened tomorrow.

Qureshi said that in the age of social media, the Palestinian voices cannot be forcibly suppressed. Media houses cannot be bombed into silence, he added.

He said that Pakistan has a clear position that Israel, which is hell bent on oppression, should not be compared with the Palestinians who are facing barbarism. Today is the test of the Muslim Ummah’s unity. Human rights organizations must eliminate double standards and stand with the Palestinians.

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