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PAKISTAN received 2 billion aid from Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Significant progress has been made in relations between Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan, after which the two countries have maintained 2 billion aid to Pakistan.

Pakistan has received $1 billion each from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, as part of the bailout packages by the two Gulf nations to help shore up Islamabad’s dwindling foreign currency reserves.

It should be noted that Saudi Arabia had given 3 billion aid to Pakistan at the end of 2018 to get it out of financial difficulties. However, due to the cold seal in the relations, Saudi Arabia had demanded 2 billion back due to falling oil prices.

It is also possible that Saudi Arabia may reconsider its 1 3.2 billion relief in oil payments after the iceberg in relations between the two countries melted.

However, a government official has ruled out talks.

It is to be noted that after Saudi Arabia demanded its dues, Pakistan had sought help from China and arranged a loan to be given to Saudi Arabia.

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