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Only a particular class of elite ruled the country. PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said the notion of elite and the prevailing mindset that Pakistan only belonged to a particular class was regrettable.

The premier’s remarks came during a launch ceremony of the Punjab peri-urban housing project for low-income groups in Raiwind.

“The government is focusing on equitable distribution of resources by ensuring basic amenities of life for all,” PM Imran said. “No nation could prosper with an island of rich and a big sea of poor.”

He further regretted that during the last 74 years, only a particular class of elite ruled the country.

“The elite-centric policies inflicted huge damage upon the poor whose access to civic facilities including health, education and jobs greatly suffered,” he said and added that his vision was to make the powerful answerable to law and strengthen the weaker segments of society.

“Opposition wanted an NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) to spare their corruption. However, such efforts would go in vain,” he said. “The political elite in the past patronized illegal land grabbing that led to litigation and obstructed development work.”

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