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New Pakistan is really the name of new thinking, Prime Minister

ISLAMABAD ( REPORTBEAT )-Prime Minister Imran Khan allotted houses and flats to the working class The Government of Pakistan has started providing housing to the poor and working class under the New Pakistan Housing Program.

The project was initiated as part of a joint collaboration between the Workers Welfare Fund, Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resources Development.

“I want to congratulate Zulfi Bukhari [Minister for Overseas Pakistanis], Workers Welfare Fund and their team for reviving the 25-year-old project and providing the people with their own houses,” he added.

Addressing a function to allot houses and flats to the working class under the New Pakistan Housing Program, Imran Khan said that the vision was that we would uplift the weaker sections. It was impossible for the salaried and working class to buy houses in cities.

In his remarks, Bukhari said in the first phase of this project completed by Workers Welfare Fund, 1,008 flats and 500 houses have been constructed.

He said these are being given to workers on the basis of proprietary rights.

In the next phase, 1,504 more units will be constructed.

He said this project is the beginning of providing low cost and affordable houses to the weak segments of society.

Imran Khan said that construction sector is playing an important role for the economy of the country, the development of construction sector increases employment opportunities, our construction industry is growing rapidly, private banks should provide loans for more than Rs 380 billion housing. Will

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