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National Assembly session became a fish market, government and opposition members shove each other

Federal Minister Omar Ayub challenged that if any of the opposition wants to contest elections, then fight from my constituency. I have reached the Assembly by defeating PML-N by 40,000 votes.

All the members of the opposition stood up and protested against the statement of the Federal Minister.

Members tore up copies of the agenda and continued to play the dice, causing a great uproar in the House and no sound was heard .Opposition members surrounded the speaker’s dice, chanting “Go Imran Go and Atta Mahanga Roti Mahangi”.

During the opposition’s uproar, several members of the National Assembly fell due to a scuffle, while opposition member Syed Naveed Qamar took off the deputy speaker’s mic.

In response to the ruckus caused by Opposition members, government lawmakers had also gotten up and protested loudly. Shah Mahmood Qureshi had said: “It cannot be so that you say whatever you wish but do not listen to others.”

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