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NAB chairman tell us who is blackmailing him, Saleem Mandowiwala

Saleem Mandowiwala Saleem Mandowiwala

Deputy Chairman Senate Saleem Mandowiwala while addressing the Senate said that the mistakes being made by NAB should be stopped, do as many inquiries as you want, this is not my personal fight, I don’t care if there are ten cases against me, people come to me and say save us from NAB.

He  emphasised that if the Parliament is scared into silence then is no hope for the common man, adding that he has received messages threatening to initiate more inquiries against him if he does not stop speaking out against the bureau. 

Saleem Mandviwala said that what is the objection of the government , NAB chairman is saying I am being blackmailed, NAB chairman tell us who is blackmailing him ,

My struggle will continue, The deputy chairman demanded an open trial.  He emphasized that NAB was making doing business in the country difficult by going after everyone’s accounts.

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