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NAB chairman Javed Iqbal reviews overall progress of 179 mega corruption cases

Not to be intimidated by negative propaganda and defamation, says NAB chairman Not to be intimidated by negative propaganda and defamation, says NAB chairman

NAB Chairman Justice (Rtd) Javed Iqbal chaired a high level meeting here at NAB headquarters to review overall progress of 179 mega corruption cases on Friday.

As per details garnered, the meeting reviewed the overall monthly performance of the bureau and the progress made on NAB s pending references in various accountability courts across the country, especially the logical conclusion of mega corruption cases.

It was informed in the meeting that 66 out of 179 mega corruption cases had been brought to a logical conclusion by the accountability courts in accordance with the law. “While 93 corruption cases are pending in the courts so that applications have been filed for speedy hearing,” it added.

The meeting was also informed that 12 mega corruption cases out of 66 – which brought to a logical end – many accountability courts had fined the accused to a total of 4.364 billion rupees on behalf of the solid evidence and proofs as per the law.

In four mega corruption cases, the accused made a plea bargain through which a total of Rs1.256 billion was recovered by the NAB from the accused and deposited in the national treasury.

As per law, the final approval of the plea bargain is given by the accountability court. The session was also told that out of 179 mega corruption cases, 10 inquiries and 11 investigations continue while references in 93 mega corruption cases are being heard in various accountability courts.

Javed Iqbal said that eradication of corruption from the country and recovery of money looted from the nation by corrupt elements is the top priority of anti-graft watchdog body.

NAB has recovered Rs814 billion looted money from corrupt directly and indirectly since its inception and deposited it in the national exchequer, while under the current leadership of NAB during the tenure of three years, 533 billion rupees has been recovered from corrupt elements and deposited directly and indirectly in the national treasure. This progress is the clear evidence about the NAB s excellent performance against other anti-corruption agencies.

On the other hand, the NAB s 1273 corruption references are currently pending in various esteemed accountability courts of the country.

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