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My goal in politics is to end poverty, Prime Minister

COLOMBO (REPORTBEAT) –Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that investment can reduce poverty through profitable business. Poverty can be reduced by establishing trade relations with the countries of the region. We want to play a role for peace, tourism, trade and investment in the region.

Addressing a trade and investment conference, Prime Minister Imran Khan invited Sri Lanka to invest in tourism, trade and other sectors, saying that tourism in Pakistan and Sri Lanka was severely affected by terrorism. In this regard, various issues were discussed with the President of Sri Lanka, including the reduction of prices of essential commodities.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he wants to resolve all issues in the subcontinent, including Kashmir, through dialogue. The position in every forum of the world has been that war is not the solution to the problems, our only difference with India is on Kashmir which can only be resolved through dialogue. And when I came to power,I offered dialogue to India but it did not work out. The solution to the problems is not in the war, it is in the dialogue.

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