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Muslim women banned from wearing niqab in Sri Lanka

A plan has been drawn up to ban Muslim women from wearing the niqab and madrassas in Sri Lanka. Proposals to ban Muslim women from wearing the niqab and ban madrassas were sent to the cabinet for approval.

The Minister of Public Security said that full face covering is being banned due to security reasons.

Minister for Public Security Sarath Weerasekara told a news conference he had signed a paper on Friday for cabinet approval to ban the full-face covering worn by some Muslim women on “national security” grounds.

“In our early days Muslim women and girls never wore the burqa,” he said. “It is a sign of religious extremism that came about recently. We are definitely going to ban it.”

The wearing of the burqa in the majority-Buddhist nation was temporarily banned in 2019 after the bombing of churches and hotels by militants that killed more than 250.

Later that year, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, best known for crushing a decades-long insurgency in the north of the country as defence secretary, was elected president after promising a crackdown on extremism.

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