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Musician decided to build a guitar of his dead uncle’s skeleton instead of burying it.

A musician from Greece who calls himself Prince Midnight decided to make a guitar from his dead uncle’s skeleton rather than burying him.

The death of close family members, especially the ones who have influenced us is very traumatic for most of us. As a consequence, even after they depart from the world of the living, we want to honor them and do something that will keep their memory alive. This is exactly what this musician from Greece tried doing. Prince Midnight, as he likes to call himself, in attempts to honor his great uncle Philip who instilled the love of metal in him, decided to turn his skeleton into a guitar.

According to him, this is also in accordance with the orthodox Greek religion they follow which frowns upon cremation.
He used the skeleton as a base and attached a guitar neck, pickups, volume knobs, jack, strings, and electronics to turn the bones into a working instrument.
Talking about this, he wrote on his Instagram,

He shared the entire process of converting the skeleton into a guitar on this Instagram profile. Upon completing the guitar, Midnight said it ‘plays perfect and sounds awesome’.

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