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Mia Khalifa curious about Priyanka Chopra’s silence on farmers protest.

Several celebrities have come out in open to share their opinion on the ongoing farmers’ protest in India and there a few who have remained silent. The farmers’ protest has been continuing for the past few months. Recently, former adult movie star Mia Khalifa grabbed eyeballs when she shared series of tweets on the protest. And now, she has targeted actress Priyanka Chopra and has questioned her silence on the issue. 

Mia, in her tweet, wrote, “Is Mrs. Jonas going to chime in at any point? I’m just curious. This is very much giving me Shakira during the Beirut devastation vibes. Silence.” Check out her tweet below:

while, It was on December 6, 2020, when Priyanka had retweeted Diljit’s tweet and expressed her stand. Priyanka’s tweet on the farmers’ protest reads, “Our farmers are India’s Food Soldiers. Their fears need to be allayed. Their hopes need to be met. As a thriving democracy, we must ensure that this crises is resolved sooner than later (sic)”

Post Mia’s tweet on the protest, she received backlash from a certain section of the society, who trolled her by showing placards that have “Mia Khalifa regains consciousness” written on them. The same seemed to be a dig at her past. Mia also replied to the trolls and said, “Confirming I have in fact regained consciousness and would like to thank you for your concern, albeit unnecessary. Still standing with the farmers, though.”

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