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Math teacher from Singapore has blown people away by revealing this easy method of solving percentages

One of the very few math problems that we actually get to solve in real life is percentages. However, unfortunately, there are many individuals like me who don’t really get how to solve them without calculators.
Every time I come across a problem where I have to solve percentages, I have to take out a calculator. Amidst this, Tanya Zakowich, a maths tutor living in Singapore, came out to be a savior for me and many others.

She put together the video and it’s blowing people’s minds. Tanya shows people how to work out different percentages in a way you may never have thought of before.
She explains it using the example of 16 percent of 50 and reveals that percentages can be reversed.

Hence, if you are asked to find out 16 percent of 50, you can simply calculate 50 percent of 16 that is 8, and you will get the answer. Here is a video, where you will get a better idea.

This works for all problems. For example, if you are asked to find 60 percent of 20, you can find 20 percent of 60 which is 12. That is your answer.
In the 24 second clip, which Tanya posted on to TikTok, she said:

“99 percent of people do not know this maths secret. It can be used in every situation. So, after this video, you can use it for the rest of your life. Let’s check it out. What if I asked you to find 16 percent of 50? Well, you’d most likely need a calculator. But what if I told you that percentages can be reversed? So, 16 percent of 50 is equal to 50 percent of 16. Half of 16 is eight so 16 percent of 50 is eight. Mind blown.”

Since it was posted, the video has been watched over 16 million times with over 28,000 comments and 160,000 shares.

People love how easy this method was. One of the viewers commented,

“Where are you when I’m struggling with my maths?”

Another said,

“Where was this at in 4th grade?”

Another chimed in,

“These maths tips or secrets never come with explanations of why it works.”

This new little trick that Tanya revealed is super useful and will certainly help me in solving many problems without a calculator.

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