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Mashaal Malik worried about Yasin Malik, says the life of Yasin Malik, who is lodged in Tihar Jail, is in danger.

Mashal Malik, wife of Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik, says that India has kept the Hurriyat leadership in jail, Yasin Malik’s life is in danger in Tihar Jail, thousands of Kashmiri youth are imprisoned in jails.

Mashal Malik said “India’s Republic Day is celebrated as Kashmiris’ black day, India has deprived Kashmiris of every right, India has deprived Kashmiris freedom, right to live and even to breathe. ۔ The bodies of martyrs are not given so that we can bury them, Indians are not Kashmiri people as a human .

On the other hand, in Delhi, where the trumpet of so-called democracy is being blown, Kashmiris around the world, including on both sides of the LoC, are celebrating this day against seven decades of restrictions on democratic rights in illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Celebrate as this day as a black day.

The Kashmiri people say that India, which calls itself the champion of democracy, is involved in serious undemocratic measures to perpetuate the military occupation, illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir Valley. On the occasion of Black Day, Kashmiris are also demanding the international community to play a role in bringing about the deprived democratic rights.

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