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Lucky British citizen winning £122 million in the EuroMillions draw.

London: The lucky British citizen made history by winning the ‘Euro Million’ jackpot of 122 million pounds (25 billion 90 million Pakistani rupees).

A single ticket has scooped the UK’s fifth biggest-ever lottery jackpot after winning £122 million in the EuroMillions draw.

The lifechanging sum was won in Friday’s draw.

This marks the second time a UK-bought ticket has taken the EuroMillions top prize this year, as another lucky ticket-holder won the £39 million jackpot in the draw on New Year’s Day, Camelot said.

The biggest prize ever won by a UK ticket-holder stands at £170,221,000 when their numbers came up in October 2019. The winner decided to remain anonymous.

A few months earlier in June 2019, another UK player, who also decided to remain anonymous, won £123,458,008 which puts them fourth in Camelot’s winners rich list – just above this week’s winner.

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