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Karachi to see rain in January: Met department

Karachi will witness light rainfall in the last few days of January, the Pakistan Meteorological Department has predicted.

“A new system of western winds will enter the country today,” the department’s spokesperson said, pointing out that this means Siberian winds will enter Karachi as well.

Residents of the city have been advised to bundle up and stock up on warm clothes as the temperature is likely to drop to single digits in the upcoming week.

On the other hand, Peshawar and neighbouring areas such as Charsadda reported rainfall Saturday night. So far 2mm of rain has been reported in the cities. The downpour is expected to last till Sunday evening.

Following the rain, the temperature in Peshawar dipped to eight degrees. Areas up north such as Nathia Gali and Murree experienced heavy snowfall.

On Friday, fog reappeared in multiple areas of Punjab especially Lahore affecting traffic on the motorway and the highway. The M-3 motorway from Lahore to Samundri and M4 motorway from Faisalabad to Pindi Bhattian has been closed.

Experts said that visibility was recorded between 10 and 30 metres. People have been advised to avoid travel and use fog lights.

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