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Justice Isa tells Supreme Court he will argue case himself.

ISLAMABAD ( reportbeat ) :Justice Isa arguing his application for live coverage of his case proceedings asked the apex bench that why wasn’t the court using the technology if it was available.

“If we do it for you then we should do it for everyone,” Justice Umar Ata Bandial told the SC judge.

Justice Bandial also said that there are logistic and practical concerns about the live telecast of court proceedings.

“It is a policy and administrative rather than judicial matter,” the apex judge added.

Justice Isa tried to establish how he was defamed by leaking selective information related to the presidential reference.

“There is controlled media,” he said adding that for the past two years, government propaganda continued against the judge and his family members.

He further maintained that said that he was here not for himself but also future of Pakistan.

Justice Isa also highlighted how independent media men are facing harassment in the recent past.

However, Justice Bandial said that that the court did not commit on issues that were not before them.

“If anyone has grievances then he should approach the court which will surely adjudicate,” Justice Bandial said.

Justice Manzoor Ahmad Malik also told Justice Isa that he should not be emotional otherwise his attention may be diverted from his case.

SC adjourned the proceedings until tomorrow where Justice Isa will continue his arguments.

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