Judge appeared on TikTok videos featuring lip-syncing rap and lying ‘partially dressed’

A judicial conduct complaint has been filed against New Jersey Superior Court Judge Gary Wilcox, alleging that he used an alias on TikTok to post videos lip-syncing rap and pop songs with controversial lyrics. The complaint highlights several concerns, including references to violence, sex, and misogyny in many of the videos. It further states that some of the posts feature the judge partially dressed while lying in bed.

According to the complaint filed by the state’s Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct, Judge Wilcox can be seen wearing his judicial robes in some videos, even within the courthouse premises. The complaint reveals that approximately 40 videos were posted under the alias ‘Sal Tortorella.’ One video, for instance, depicts him walking through the courthouse wearing a Beavis and Butt-Head T-shirt while a rap song by Nas, containing derogatory lyrics and references to gang violence and drugs, plays in the background.

Judge Wilcox, a Harvard Law School graduate practicing law in New Jersey since 1989, primarily works in Bergen County. Another video mentioned in the complaint shows him wearing a Freedom of Speech T-shirt and lip-syncing to a song that mentions spilling cognac on a $200 suit.

The complaint argues that these posts undermine public confidence in the judiciary and violate judicial rules. Judge Wilcox has 20 days to provide a written or formal response to the allegations. His attorney, Robert B Hille, stated that he is preparing a response and emphasized that there was no intent to cause harm.

Following Judge Wilcox’s response, the Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct will schedule a formal hearing. Depending on the outcome, the committee may recommend private or public discipline, ranging from admonition, censure, or suspension to removal from the bench. The complaint procedures in the state dictate the potential actions the committee can take.