Joaquin Phoenix Commands as Napoleon in Ridley Scott’s Epic Trailer

Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated historical epic, Napoleon, unveils its thrilling first trailer, showcasing Joaquin Phoenix in the multifaceted role of the brilliant, complex French military leader.

The action-packed trailer immerses viewers in the grandeur of the film, capturing Napoleon Bonaparte’s ascent to power during the tumultuous era of the French Revolution. Ridley Scott’s signature sweeping style is evident as Phoenix’s commanding presence storms castles, accompanied by the thunderous roar of cannon fire and the clash of bayonets. Battles unfold across various landscapes, from snow-capped mountains to the majestic pyramids of Egypt, and intense confrontations grip both sea and city streets.

While the film delves into Napoleon’s military campaigns, it also explores the intricate dynamics of his personal life. Vanessa Kirby portrays his wife, Josephine, showcasing the thorny complexities of their relationship.

Produced by Apple and distributed by Sony, Napoleon is set to be exclusively screened in theaters this Thanksgiving, promising an immersive cinematic experience that brings the remarkable story of Napoleon Bonaparte to life.