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It seems that Ishaq Dar’s father’s had Rolls-Royce shop instead of bicycle shop, Prime Minister Imran Khan

KARACHI ( REPORTBEAT ) Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the rulers have created such an atmosphere that corruption is not a bad thing. We have suffered the most from corruption. When the Prime Minister and the ministers commit corruption, the country is destroyed. Money laundering is a greater crime than corruption.

Addressing a function in Mianwali, Prime Minister Imran Khan further said that sending money abroad for accommodation weakens the country. Former Finance Minister Ishaq Dars uses the most expensive car. Ishaq Dar’s father seems to have a Rolls-Royce shop, not a bicycle.

He further added that a country that continues to seek foreign loans is not accepted in the world and the politicians of Pakistan who are now residing in foreign countries have no proof of their wealth. 

Seeing the strong resistance from the opposition in the NA, President Dr Arif Alvi on February 6 signed off the Election Amendment Ordinance, 2021, under which upcoming Senate elections could be held through open balloting.

The ordinance, which amends sections 33, 86 and 122 of the Election Act 2017, was announced with immediate effect. Its enforcement will be subject to the outcome of a presidential reference pending before SC.

The federal government has sought the Supreme Court’s opinion on whether the Senate elections could be held through open ballot by amending the Election Act 2017 that requires simple legislation. The presidential reference is being heard in the apex court pending a decision.

The opposition has also engaged the government in the legal battle as well, arguing that the Supreme Court could interpret the Constitution but not make a new law.

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