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Indian Army General Shows A Picture Of Pakistani Actor Shaan Shahid And Umair Jaswal As Pakistani Commandos Died During The Battle Of Panjshir

India has never left Pakistan with wonder to malign it in every possible way it can, either be its Indian leaders or its media. Recently, a renowned Indian TV channel, Times Now, broadcasted footage of an American F-15 jet flying over Wales naming it as a ‘full-fledged Pakistan invasion of Afghanistan’. Similarly, Indian media tried to mislead the international community by airing clips from the military simulation game Arma 3 as exclusive videos of Pakistan Air Force strikes.

Followed by the allegations from retired Major General (R) G.D Bakshi and Major General (R) Harsha Kakar tweeting about Pakistan’s casualties in the province of Panjshir and refusing to honor its dead and that to avoid any media coverage, Pakistan buried them at night.

Major General Harsha Kakar tweeted a picture of Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid, Umair Jaswal and Bilal Ashraf calling them Pakistani commandos died during the battle of Panjshir.

In response to all these stories, Pakistan Army spokesperson, General Baber Iftikhar rejected all the stories as ‘complete lies’ and ‘irrational propaganda from India.’ He added that Pakistan has to do nothing with whatever happening in either Afghanistan or elsewhere.

On Thursday 9 September, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry denied all the allegations calling them a ‘baseless and mischievous propaganda campaign’ by India. Foreign office spokesperson Asim Iftikhar reiterated Pakistan’s abiding commitment to peaceful, stable, and sovereign Afghanistan.

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