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High-powered investigation launched against Pakistani ambassador to Saudi Arabia

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on Thursday has said that a high-powered investigation has been launched against Pakistani ambassador to Saudi Arabia for not taking care of the laborers.

He was addressing a ceremony in Islamabad in connection with Roshan Digital Account crossing one billion dollars in deposits and launch of Roshan Apni Car and Roshan Samaaji Khidmat products.

The PM said that he has received reports that the staff members of Pakistani embassy in Saudi Arabia were taking money as bribes from the laborers. Exemplary punishments will be handed over to those found guilty, he assured.

Imran Khan further felicitated over gathering 1 billion dollar in Roshan Digital Account. He pointed out that the country received record remittances over the last one year. He, however, said this is only tip of the iceberg.

Until and unless we enhance our exports, we will have to think out of box and bring innovative ideas to woo the overseas Pakistanis to send their remittances to Pakistan, he added.

The premier further thanked State Bank of Pakistan Governor Reza Baqir for his role in bringing two schemes; Roshan Apni Car and Roshan Samaji Khidmat. Pakistan lacks long tern planning strategy, he told.  

Referring to the new products being launched under Roshan Digital Account, Imran Khan said under Roshan Apni Car, overseas Pakistanis will be able to purchase cars for their family members or friends in Pakistan at attractive markup rates.

He said Roshan Samaaji Khidmat will provide a platform to the overseas Pakistanis to conveniently give their donations and Zakat. He said more such products will also be launched in future to facilitate the overseas Pakistanis.

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