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Kamala Devi Harris is an American politician and attorney who has recently emerged as the first woman vice president of US. She is getting support from all over the world including muslims because of her being a black woman. But are we really turning a blind eye on her problematic views towards asians?

Preparations for the 59th presidential inauguration ceremony have been underway for which the theme will be “America United”, an issue that was central to Biden-Harris campaign. For many South Asians, Harris’s victory has been met with immense excitement and celebrations as the people of South Asia feel being represented for the very first time.

It is indeed very surprising to see muslims supporting Kamala Harris as her stance on Israel is surely not something muslims would like.

Like Biden, Kamala strongly vows for two-state solution. At the 2017 AIPAC Policy Conference, she openly stated not just once but thrice that “We must stand with Israel” then she went ahead saying “I support US commitment to provide Israel with 38 billion dollars in military assistance”. Harris certainly pleased the Pro-Israel circles with her statements.

This statement is nothing but extremely alarming for the palestinians who have already been victims of the constant terrorism of Israel. Even Iran is at the edge of target which can be quite worrisome for the muslims.

Her being Pro-Israel can be immensely hair-raising for the islamic countries. Her views on muslims are nothing but frightening yet seeing her getting appreciation from muslims is something really indigestible. Especially women celebrating a war monger like Kamala Harris must rethink their feminism.

Harris has described herself as a “progressive prosecutor” and “top cop” in her previous roles in California, but her record rankled both liberals and conservatives. Her support to the cops putting black people, transgenders and latinx people in prison is yet another thing that raises question upon the support and appreciation she is receiving.

As an attorney in San Francisco, Harris pushed for legislation that supported state-sponsored kidnappings and imprisonment of poor black parents whose children were deemed traunt. In 2014, she even argued against the early release of prisoners.

Ms Harris also preferred providing all workers with six months paid family leave for personal or medical grounds, including those involved in domestic violence, which is a far more generous policy than lift wing democratic contenders Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who backed a three month paid leave bill. This policy of Harris is nothing but a clear violation of women rights.

She is known to be a zionist. Is she really an ideal female politician? Can we really disregard the tears of palestinians? Does she really deserve to be supported? It is high time for muslims to know who they are supporting and the consequences of their support. It is very important to know that idealising a zionist may cause a long-term trouble. Let’s just hope and pray for the safety and peace of not just palestinians but muslims all over the world.


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