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Government fully focused on agriculture sector, PM Imran Khan

 Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said the country’s agriculture sector will undergo a revolution as his government was fully focused towards it. 

The prime minister, speaking at an event in Lahore, spoke about the various sectors of Pakistan, including agriculture and tourism, that had been ignored by previous governments.

“First we were stabilising the economy but now, our entire focus is on agriculture,” he said. “I am leading it myself and I will prove to you by bringing about a major revolution in agriculture,” he added.

PM Khan said Pakistan had never given much thought or importance to its agriculture sector. “We haven’t given importance to agriculture over the past 50 years,” he added.

Highlighting his government’s efforts, the premier said authorities had paid all the dues of the sugarcane farmers over the past two years.

“No one had given them their [due] payments,” he said. “All we did was give them their dues over the past two days and today, our wheat yield is at a record high, as per our assessments,” added PM Khan.

He said as per the government’s estimates, rice and corn yields this year will also break records.

He spoke about the housing sector, lamenting how the common man is unable to afford houses or places of shelter for themselves.

PM takes shots at PDM ‘union’, praises Naya Pakistan Housing Programme

Turning his guns towards the Opposition, the prime minister said a “union” has been formed in the name of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) who are trying to escape accountability.

He lamented that there was no concept of holding the powerful to account in Pakistan. The premier praised Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), saying that the principles on which he founded the State of Medinah were a shining example for governments around the world even today.

“The Holy Quran has ordered us to follow his [Holy Prophet PBUH] example because it is a success story,” he said.

Speaking about the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, he said the passing of the foreclosure law had made it possible for banks to provide loans to the people, adding that this was not previously so.

He said the government had introduced the housing scheme so that salaried people and those belonging to the working class were able to afford houses for themselves.

The premier lamented how previous governments never thought about providing low-cost housing projects for the poor. He said if Pakistan’s housing sector booms, it will lead to a positive effect on other industries as well.

“Thirty sectors are linked to the housing sector as well,” he said, adding that Pakistan’s economy will benefit once the houses are constructed as people will then avail services from other sectors once the construction is completed.

PM Imran Khan says tourism sector enough to earn more revenue for Pakistan than exports

Speaking about the tourism sector, he said it was unfortunate no one had previously given thought to it despite its massive potential.

“Pakistan’s tourism sector alone has the potential to earn even more for the country than its exports,” he added.

Taking shots at predecessor governments, PM Khan said Pakistan’s rulers have always opted to go for vacations and holidays abroad despite the presence of several tourist resorts in the country. 

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