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First Lady Bushra Imran inaugurated Sheikh Abu Al Hassan Shazli Library.

First Lady Bushra Imran on Saturday inaugurated Sheikh Abu Al Hassan Shazli Library in the provincial capital.

The first lady Sheikh Abul Hassan Shazli reached the research center and visited the auditorium, library and conference room in the research center. Farah Khan was also accompanied her on the journey of service to the people.

The research center will conduct research on Islam, Sufism, religious thought, tolerance, science and technology and modern sciences. Bachelors, M.Phil and Ph.D. programs in Islamic philosophy, and Sufism will also be launched in the center.

Sheikh Abul Hassan Shazli Research Center would serve the poor students all the same and those passionate about getting an education despite financial restrictions. It has signed MOUs with other universities as well.

The first lady has previously worked to significantly improve the management of Panagah (shelter home), Langar Khana (soup kitchen), Dar-ul-Aman and Child Protection Bureaus in various cities.

Mrs Bushra Imran while distancing herself from politics has always participated in social activities. The first lady is a woman who has compassion for the poor, the needy and the needy and she always tried to share the pain of the downtrodden whenever the opportunity arise.

In an interview on private TV in September 2018, the first lady had openly expressed her feelings and showed her interest in opening Sufism and S&T research centers across Punjab to serve the disadvantaged segment of the society.

She said praying was her top priority but after meeting Imran Khan she learned that along with worship, service to humanity is also very important.

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