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China introduces ‘virus passport’ for corona epidemic

BEIJING ( reportbeat ) : China has introduced a “virus passport” for air travel of its citizens during the Corona epidemic.

According to the World News Agency, China has announced the issuance of “virus passports” for its citizens to solve travel difficulties during the global epidemic Corona.

It is designed in the style of Passport Health Certificate in which the Corona Test of the Passenger, Vaccination and necessary medical information are listed, while being a passport, it will also contain travel details.

China’s programme includes an encrypted QR code that allows authorities to obtain a traveller’s health information, state media agency Xinhua reported on Monday.

“QR health codes” on WeChat and other Chinese smartphone apps are already required to gain entry to domestic transport and many public spaces in China.

The apps track a user’s location and produce a “green” code – synonymous with good health – if a user has not been in close contact with a confirmed case or has not travelled to a virus hotspot.

But the system has sparked privacy concerns and fears it marks an expansion of government surveillance.

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