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Chances of Ali Sadpara survival on K2 are slim, sajid Sadpara

Muhammad Ali Sadpara, who had set off on a mission to climb to K2’s summit, has survived are very slim, his son told the media on Sunday.

In a conversation with reporters in Skardu, Sajid said: “Rescue operations now only make sense if they are carried out to bring back his body. Otherwise, for the chance for anyone to survive at 8,000 metres [after being missing for] two to three days are next to none.”

Sajid said that the last time he saw his father was at the bottleneck at around 8,200-8,300 metres, the most “technical portion” of the climb, at around 11am on Friday.

“I’m sure he summited the peak and was on his way back after which he encountered an accident which is why he is missing,” he said.

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