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Can’t say whether horse trading will end or not, Supreme Court

Islamabad( reportbeat ):In the presidential reference regarding the Senate election (open ballot) in the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice remarked that whether the open ballot will end horse trading or not, nothing can be said, there is no mention of secret voting in Article 195, Article 63A applies Not to a Senate elections.

On the direction of the Chief Justice, the Election Commission presented the guidelines to the Senate voters.

The Advocate General of Punjab agreed with the arguments of the Attorney General and said that the guideline mentions proportional representation and secret ballot. Members of the Assembly are bound by the discipline of their party, violation can be prosecuted.

Justice Ijazul Ahsan said the votes cannot be kept secret forever according to the constitution and the judicial verdicts. The lawyer replied that the Senate elections are held under Article 226 and it is a crime to take picture of the vote.

Justice Ijazul Ahsan remarked that the term of free vote was used for the National Assembly elections but it was deliberately eliminated for the Senate polls.

The SC said, “The ECP can inspect casted votes to end corruption. What will the election commission do if a party secures more seats than its votes? The principle of proportional representation and the entire system will be destroyed by horse-trading.”

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